Before making your request, please make sure you are familiar with our proof of vaccination policy (see the October 5th update here).

NOTE: To cover increasing overhead costs, the hourly rental rates for meeting rooms will be increasing by an additional $1/hour on April 1st, 2022. Any contracts made on or after that date will be subject to the new rental rates. Room 098B will be rented at $21/hour, and the remaining meeting rooms will be rented at $16/hour. The contract administration fee of $15 remains the same.

We offer a variety of rooms that are perfect for your board meetings, seminars, training, rehearsals, and smaller celebrations. Depending on the size of the room, these rooms can accommodate 20-30 people under current COVID-19 restrictions. Limited exceptions apply.

Most meeting rooms are rented at $15/hour with the exception of Room 098, which is rented at $20/hour. All meeting rooms have a contract administration fee of $15. All rental requests are subject to availability and to a 2-hour minimum.

Room 103

34’1″x 29’8”

Maximum capacity: 60

Room 109

25’9½”x 24½’

Maximum capacity: 40

Room 110

32’6″x 23’3″

Maximum capacity: 50

Room 098 - Lower Level

32' x 30'

Maximum capacity: 60

Room 213

23’1″x 20’9″

Maximum capacity: 30

Room 221

27’5″x 25′

Maximum capacity: 40

Room 222

32’3″x 18’5″

Maximum capacity: 40

Please enjoy your experience at Bronson Centre, tell your friends, and come again!