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Being Studio has been continually adapting to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, and recently launched a virtual program called BEING Home. The virtual program offers facilitated chat sessions, home art supply deliveries and video prompts to inspire art projects from home. What felt at first like a lifeline for our community has begun to open a world of possibility and expanded connection that we never thought possible.This sub-project proposal aims to support expanding the impact of BEING Home beyond our immediate studio community, to reach a new intergenerational client base of adults with developmental disabilities in Ottawa. We propose to support this expansion in two ways:

1.    increase staff/volunteer expertise and comfort with introducing new clients to the technology they will need to participate in the program.

2.    develop a series of audio podcasts that center the voices and lived experiences of individuals in BEING’s community. Episodes will launch in September on BEING’s new url, on traditional podcasting platforms, as well as traditional broadcasting over local community radio.