Building Relations: Cross-Cultural,

Intergenerational Community Building

Lead Organization: Kateri Native Ministry

Main Contact:


  • A7G
  • Yet Keen Seniors Day Centre
  • Jaku Konbit
  • Flo's Seniors
  • Ottawa Senior Pride Network

The goal of this project is to seek an understanding of aging by all generations and cultures. This project is intended to deepen and share collective knowledge of aging across different cultures. We will accomplish this by undertaking five Indigenous led cultural knowledge exchange/sharing circle with the participation of culturally diverse seniors’ groups and Indigenous youth at Bronson Centre. This exchange will:

  • build relationships and understanding amongst the groups
  • acknowledge the wisdom of elders of different
  • nations       
  • identify and deconstruct stereotypes of aging in order to understand how they originate in the first place
  • surface the common values of different cultures
  • imagine ways to celebrate ageing in our complex world
  • create a ‘circle’ model for other orgs to replicate in their own contexts
  • explore and strengthen the whys, needs, and hows of intergenerational learning
  • address the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

The learnings from these sharing circles will then be transformed into an art project, to be installed or performed at Bronson Centre.