Afro-Caribbean Dance

Lead Organization: Flo's Seniors

Main Contact:


  • Ottawa Community Housing
  • MASC (Multicultural Arts, Schools, Communities)

This project comprises of four Afro Caribbean Dance workshops for seniors that will be facilitated by Suzan Lavertu from MASC, outside at the front of the OCH building at 865 Gladstone. The workshops will be held outside, Thursday September 17th , September 24th, October 1st and October 8th from 10-11AM. Participants will include seniors from 865 Gladstone and 280 Rochester buildings, both of which have a high concentration of low-income seniors from diverse backgrounds.

The intention of this activity is to engage seniors with in-person cultural programming while it is still possible to host activities outside, to familiarize seniors in these buildings with the types of workshops that are hosted by the Bronson Centre and in our virtual programs, and to help any seniors who are interested in learning how to use Zoom or other online platforms for future virtual activities.