Virtual Workshop Calendar for July 2020

Bronson RISE, in partnership with Flo’s Seniors, is offering a series of virtual workshops for free to older adults in Ottawa. These workshops will run for three months, from June 1st to August 31st. Below you will find information about the workshops and a calendar of when the workshops are being offered in July. The August calendar will be set one week prior to its start. If you would like to attend a workshop, you are asked to register by emailing or calling one of the contacts below:

Joan Robinson, Flo’s Seniors
Phone: 613-292-3375

Alicia Borisonik, Bronson RISE
Phone: 819-329-4850




Mondays @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Gardening workshops will explore basic gardening tips that you can try at home, such as splitting plants, growing plants from grocery scraps, and dealing with pests. The workshops will also explore online resources that you can access to take your gardening to the next level. Some of the gardening workshops will be hosted in the newly established Dalhousie Courtyard Garden at the Bronson Centre and will showcase the vegetables being grown there by the Dalhousie Food Cupboard.

Virtual Nature Walk
Mondays @ 2:00 – 3:15 PM

Yes, we have to keep our distance from each other, but Nature invites you to come closer.  Join this virtually guided nature walk, wherever you are, indoors or out. These walks, led by Andrea, a Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, are designed to help you quiet your anxious thoughts and find a place of calm. Instead of getting together to walk, we’ll connect through Zoom. I’ll be in a forest or park and you’ll be someplace you choose, indoors or out. Use your phone to connect, and earphones/earbuds if you have them. If you’ll be indoors you can use your computer.

Chair Yoga
Tuesdays @ 11:00 – 11:45 AM

Chair yoga is a great option to find joyful movement from the comfort of a seat. In this 45-minute class, we will explore various yoga postures, moving our bodies in ways that are both supportive and energizing. Class is designed to have participants remain seated throughout while moving our bodies through a gentle yoga flow. No previous experience required. Wear comfortable clothing and find a seat that is supportive to your body for the duration of the 45-minute class.

Art with Maria
Wednesdays @ 2:00 – 3:00 PM

July 8th: Learn to Draw
In this session participants will learn the basic skills needed to draw a round fruit like a pear or an apple. They will also learn to draw the contour of a shape, and how to create volume.
You Will Need: Paper, Pencil, Eraser

July 15th: Making Mosaics Using Paper
The goal of this workshop is to transform magazine cutouts into artistic compositions. Participants will cut geometric shapes, design new patterns and create sequences of color. By the end of the workshop they will leave with a paper mosaic to show to their families and friends. And why not sharing through social media!
You Will Need: Old Magazines, Books, Brochures, Cards, Stamps, Wrapping, Scissors, Glue Stick, Paper or Cardstock (any colour)

July 22nd: Making Art with Papier Mache
We will be using toilet paper to make paper-mache pulp. With tape we will create the core shape to build a small rabbit.
You Will Need: Toilet Paper, Blender, Strainer, Plastic Container, Water, Liquid Glue, Masking Tape, Pencil, Paper

July 29th: Making Prints Using Soft Foam
Participants will draw and cut three shapes on foam. Then we will glue them to cardboard and print on paper creating a repetition pattern.
You Will Need: Sheet of Soft Foam, Cardboard or Popsicle Sticks, Glue, Pen, Scissors, Liquid Glue, 3 Acrylic Paint Colours, Flat Brush, 3 Sheets of Cardstock, Pencil, Paper

Tai Chi for Health
Thursdays @ 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Tai Chi QiGong was developed by professor Lin Hou-Sheng in 1979 in Shanghai, China. The class will include slow exercises in postures, aligning, breathing and awareness. The benefits: improves health, circulation, digestion, increases energy, agility and flexibility, rejuvenates body, mind and spirit, reduces stress and strengthens joints and muscles. A real treat for our body!

Sharing the Songs You Love
Thursdays @ 2:00 – 3:00 PM

Alicia will guide you in a series of workshops designed to enjoy music in different fun ways. Participants will be asked to bring songs that they like to share with the group. You will be encouraged to tell a fun story about the song, why you chose it and something about its cultural background and context. This is a flexible class in which we will also learn about multicultural instruments, move, and learn interesting facts about musicians from different genres and cultural backgrounds.

Afro-Caribbean Dance with Suzan Lavertu
Fridays @ 11:00 – 11:45 AM

Participants will explore the fundamentals of Afro-Caribbean dance while learning traditional movements and then integrating them into a short choreography. Throughout the workshop, information about the history, indigenous people of the Caribbean, music, traditional clothes and movements associated with these dances are shared by the artist, allowing the participants to anchor their learning in the cultural context from which these dances originated. This unique blend of cultures mixed with the traditional and ceremonial rites of passage of the indigenous people of the Caribbean has created the vibrancy and celebratory nature of Afro-Caribbean Dance.

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