Bronson Hub’s New Virtual Workshops


The Bronson Hub is piloting a series of virtual workshops that are being offered for free to older adults in Ottawa. These workshops will run for three weeks from April 27th – May 14th. After this period the Bronson Hub will offer consistent programming based on the feedback from the pilot workshops. Below you will find information about the workshops and a calendar of when the workshops are being offered. If you would like to attend a workshop, you are asked to register either by emailing or calling us at 819-329-4850.



Virtual Nature Walk

Dates: April 27th, May 4th, May 11th

Yes, we have to keep our distance from each other, but Nature invites you to come closer. Join this virtually-guided nature walk, wherever you are, indoors or out. These walks, led by Andrea, a Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, are designed to help you quiet your anxious thoughts and find a place of calm. Instead of getting together to walk, we’ll connect through Zoom. I’ll be in a forest or park and you’ll be someplace you choose, indoors or out. Use your phone to connect, and earphones/earbuds if you have them. If you’ll be indoors you can use your computer.


Chair Yoga

Dates: April 28th, May 5th, May 12th

These gentle flow chair yoga sessions are a chance to exercise, move your body and calm your mind. Kate will be leading participants in a series of postures that are performed while seated and/or with the aid of a chair, making this a perfect first yoga experience.


Art With Maria

Shapes with Birds

Date: April 29th

Participants will draw several overlapping wavy lines. Within the emerging shapes, they will look for birds. The goal of the session is to outline and colour the birds creating a beautiful composition full of colour and life.


Collage Making

Date: May 1st

Participants will learn how to use printed materials in a creative way. They will learn new words, explore using colors and textures, composition, etc. Maria will show samples and discuss them with participants. This workshop is not only about learning new skills, but also involves spending quality time with peers. At the end of the workshop each person will leave with a finished collage.


Soap Carving

Date: May 6th

Did you think that soap was only used to wash your hands? In this fun workshop you will learn how to make sculptures using a bar of soap. At the end of the workshop each participant will have a beautiful soap sculpture to decorate their house.


Paper Mosaics

Date: May 8th

The goal of this workshop is to transform magazine cut outs into artistic compositions. Participants will cut geometric shapes, design new patterns and create sequences of color. By the end of the workshop they will leave with a paper mosaic to show to their families and friends. And why not sharing through social media!


Making Paper Planters

Date: May 13th

This workshop applies basic origami techniques to make a planter for seedlings. Participants will learn how to make a small planter using a sheet of newspaper. They will be able to grow or/and transplant small plants. So, get ready to learn new skills, have a fun social time and leave with planters that can be used for future gardening projects.


Let’s Have Fun Making Music

Dates: April 30th, May 7th, May 14th

Alicia will guide you in a series of workshops designed to enjoy learning music in different fun ways. We will sing, use our body as a percussion instrument, learn about multicultural instruments, use pots, pans and sticks to play, move and learn interesting facts about musicians from different genres and cultural backgrounds.




Taller de arte 1: Mosaicos de papel

Dia: Lunes 27 de abril de 11 a 12

El objetivo de este taller es crear un mosaico usando diferentes trozos de papel. Los participantes van a recortar formas geométricas y diseñar sus propios patterns en una cartulina. Al final del taller tendrán su propio mosaico de papel para compartir con sus amigos y familia.


Taller de arte 2: Collage

Dia: Lunes 4 de mayo de 11 a 12

En este taller los participantes van a usar revistas, tarjetas, diarios, cualquier material impreso que tengan en su casa. La idea es crear un hermoso collage. María, la maestra, va a mostrar ejemplos de collage hechos por otras personas. Es también una oportunidad para compartir un momento juntos.


Taller de música

Días: miércoles 6 y 13 de mayo de 11 a 12

En este taller de música Alicia va a ofrecer diferentes oportunidades de trabajar con la voz, usar el cuerpo para hacer ritmos, descubrir instrumentos musicales usando ollas y cubiertos y principalmente pasar un rato divertido y en buena compañía.

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